Saturday, March 2, 2013

50 Caliber Conversion Kits

So in the comment section of my last entry “Holding Back 50 Caliber Evolution” - ) , I hinted that there was something coming down the pike that might be noteworthy; a marker providing the reliability of something like a Tippmann 98 for the 50 caliber market.  Something currently not available, but being sought by many field owners.

Well, I’ve been given permission to provide a little more info, although at this point the manufacturer has asked to remain anonymous until the official launch hopefully happening in a few short weeks.  Being released shortly will be a 50 caliber modification for 68 caliber markers including the Tippmann’s 98,the FT12 and I believe some other markers as well (the Tippmann’s are the only ones I have 100% confirmation for at this point).

It is not a typical conversion kit that requires a breach adaptor, bolt and barrel to work, rather 1 piece that adapts the gun to 50 cal.  It apparently does not even need a separate 50 caliber barrel, the stock barrel can be screwed back on after the conversion is done.  The conversion can also be reversed.  In the case of the FT12, to convert from 68 to 50 caliber, or from 50 back to 68 caliber can be done in less than a minute.  The 98 takes longer due to having to separate the clamshell body halves to get at the internals.  The price has not been confirmed, but is indicated to be much less than a separate new rental marker like the Spyder Opus.  If the modification does not affect the reliability of the Tippmann marker, we may have a winner on our hands.

 The obvious advantage from a field owner’s perspective (especially a relatively small operation field owner) is that he/she does not need to have two complete sets of guns to be able to cater to both the 50 caliber and 68 caliber market.  For someone like myself, that is still in the “trial” stages of offering 50 caliber games, I don’t have to invest nearly as much as I thought I would have to invest to give it a try, and hopefully I will have something that is more reliable than the Spyder.

I am hoping to get a prototype in my hands sometime in the next week or two and then will hopefully have a little more info.