Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Airsoft and Paintball

I’ve been getting a little interested in airsoft lately.  No, it’s not that I want to play airsoft (I hardly play paintball anymore either), but am looking at offering it at our field.

One thing that stands out for me, watching both airsoft and paintball is that airsoft players are able to make their bunkers successfully (move from one bunker to a new one separated by some distance) more often than paintball players.  This is in spite of carrying more gear and therefore moving slower and opponents shooting more projectiles at a considerably higher rate of fire than in paintball.  It does make me wonder how they are able to do this.  Maybe airsoft players are not as good at aiming and/or hitting their targets.

Having said that, I see less complaining.  So I guess as long as everyone is happy and having fun...what the hell!