Saturday, January 3, 2009

Prelude to the Economics of a Recreational Paintbal Facility

You wil find below a 3 part article I've put together with the intended purpose of providing current fieldowners or future fieldowners with ideas on how to price their products and service offered at a recreational paintball facility. Please keep in mind that the opinions provided are just that, opinions. In no way should the information in the article be considered a foolproof way of operating a paintball field.

Also, keep in mind that this is for a recreational paintball facility only. This is not for tournament type (speedball) facilities or for a combination recreatioanl and tournament facility where the owner chooses to run them as basically one business with pricing structures virtually the same for both components. Every business is different and every paintball field is different. Every business person must be comfortable with the decisions they make when running their business and risking their resources.

I only provide this information because it has worked for us and I would like to see our industry become a little more stable. Growth rates have shrunk in the industry overall in the last few years and this is a trend I would like to see reversed.

Happy reading. Please make sure you read the article in the order it was written in, or it isn't going to make any sense (there are 3 parts in total).

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  1. Being a paintball operator how you are able to write much in real when I myself is a paintball freak and I cannot read the whole although i read the first part and will agree on this with you tbh