Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Suck it up or GTFO!

This is the kind of thing I read all the time in threads on paintball forums. Apparently players that can’t handle playing at 15 bps (or faster) shouldn’t be playing paintball at all. Players that can’t handle getting shot 5 or 6 times each game shouldn’t be playing paintball. They are being told to suck it up, or Get the F*** Out! And they are listening. They are getting the f*** out and not coming back.

The odd thing is, I’m reading this in threads intended for recreational paintball players, not high level tourney players. Apparently paintball has evolved into a high intensity recreational activity. No longer is it a game of cat and mouse, where players gather to plink paintballs at each other trying to tag one another out. No. Today’s recreational paintball field is fast paced, in your face action, from start to finish. If you’re shot, you better raise your arms up, stand up and start walking. And you better do it within milliseconds, or else you are going to get a barrage frantic screaming and a hell of a lot more paintballs heading your way.

Sounds like fun, right? Well it is, for some. It is for many of those still playing today. Those that don’t find it fun aren’t there to complain about it, or if they do, they won’t be back next week to complain; they’ll just find something else to do.

Of course not all fields are like this. But many are.

Fields could separate the players, keeping the “hardcore” players separate from the new players. Most responsible fields do this. But of course virtually every player is shooting lots of paintballs these days, even first time renters. Why not? They are cheap enough and when you’re up against the ropes, you don’t want to be caught short. If someone is hailing 15 bps at you, it’s nice to be able to counter that with close to the same thing. Being under armed is no fun. Who would want to go into battle with a hickory switch when your opponent is swinging a Saber? You need to adapt to your environment to survive. Right? Only the strong (and the well armed) will survive.

But does everyone want to go into battle with a Saber? Maybe we just want to fight with Nerf swords. Maybe we don’t want to be mortally wounded or get permanent scars. Maybe we want to play paintball more like the game was played when it was first conceived. Maybe we want to sneak around and surprise our foe. Maybe we want to lay that perfect ambush and shoot her once in the goggles, just as she discovers us. Maybe we just want to have fun.

Alas, maybe we should just suck it up and GTFO.


  1. I just tell them that if they can't play at 5 BPS, then they should just shut up and GTFO.

  2. Wow. Look who stumbled onto my Blog. First Baca, now Raehl. Haha. Hope I don't have to send you guys to your rooms!

    I like you thinking though. Now if we can just tell them that in a nice way. No point resorting to their tactics.

  3. Two thumbs up... great post.