Sunday, May 23, 2010

Base Jumping or Comfort Zones Part 2

I know very little about base jumping. What I do know is that it’s got to give you an awesome adrenaline rush. Yet very few people take part in base jumping. Much fewer than play paintball for instance. Why is that?

I’m sure most people will know what base jumping is, but if not, Google is you friend.

I constantly see posts on forums where players are saying that if people can’t take getting hit multiple times with paintballs they should just GTFO. It’s part of the game. I sort of understand where these people are coming from, although I don’t agree. I’m more a Live and Let Live kind of guy. These people are obviously into a higher intensity kind of paintball that others may be into. And that’s OK. What bothers me is that they expect everyone to be into the same thing they are into. If they are so much into a high adrenaline rush, why aren’t they jumping off tall buildings or high bridges (it’s cheaper than paintball)? I’ll tell you why. It’s because it would scare the hell out of them. It’s outside of their comfort zone. Yet they see no problem dictating what other people’s comfort zone should be. Hmmmm?!

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