Friday, September 10, 2010

Paintball Forums

I visit several forums on a regular basis (probably too regularly to be considered healthy). Anyway, a couple of posts on different forums asking why things seem so slow reminded me of feelings I’ve had for a while that paintball forums in general are a lot quieter these days (at least the ones I frequent). I’ve had these feeling for a quite a while now, probably a year or longer, but have kept them in the back of my mind. I don’t have statistics on post counts or anything to back these feeling up. But I’m quite sure I’m not imagining things.

Now this may be a direct relationship to the economy. People may just be staying home and watching TV. But then why aren’t they sitting in front of their computers as much as they used to (I certainly am). I have to conclude that there may indeed be less interest for paintball in general these days. I’m sure the manufacturers could confirm this. If people aren’t talking as much about paintball, chances are they aren’t playing it as much either, and if they aren’t playing as much, they aren’t buying as much gear.

Field owners as well might have some input. We are down slightly this year and the “regular” player portion is down more than the rental portion. The “regular” players are the ones that would be talking on the forums as well.

Anyone else notice a change in forum activity?


  1. regular basis is the best way to get in the game

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  3. I've noticed a change also. I've been reading what people out there have to say and , honestly, it's not much. I guess most just want to get out there and get dirty rather than talk about the experience. Anyway, you should check out some of my inventory at 300+ FPS still stings and everyone should feel that at least once.

  4. Off topic chat seems to be the most popular topics on the non-local paintball forums.