Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tough Guys.

We haven’t done a lot of advertising of our Low Impact (50 cal) games yet, but the odd thing is that the two paying groups we’ve had so far were both stags.  I was expecting tweens and teens to be asking for this, but apparently it’s the tough twenty and thirty something males interested in low impact paintball.  Who would have thunk it?


  1. I think part of it is that there's more incentive (well, less disincentive) to play close, fast and aggressive - both because of impact and reduced range.

  2. Actually I think the main reason was that they didn't want the grooms to get too many welts with upcoming weddings. I never though t of that, but it makes some sense. Of course now that I have, I'll use it for marketing in the future. ;-)

    1. ...I agree...if the stag party were going out for the night, or maybe it was a whole weekend, surely they didn't want to be all bruised up and that! Maybe the wedding was close also!

  3. Isnt it always good to know people are getting attracted towards the Low Impact(50 Cal)?
    A day will come you'll surely get what you are expecting lots of teens and tons of stags :p

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  5. Yes, interest is growing all the time. We had a Low Impact (50 caliober) game today and have another one coming up the day after tomorrow. I honestly haven't been this excited about something new since we first opened our doors 12 years ago.

    What annoys me is that the industry in general has given up so quickly on 50 caliber. There has been no effort with marketing except for JT's Splatmasters (which seem to be doing well enough) and the initial push by Richmond Italia (which he went about all wrong with). Other companies in the industry seemed to just want to jump on the bandwagon and when the band stopped playing, they all jumped off.

    Well the band wasn't playing the right song and if people in the industry actually had a head for business and marketing, they would see that Low Impact (50 caliber) has a huge potential for attracting a huge untapped market. But without getting the product out there and making it available and without informing the potential market of the opportunity, it will not flourish.

    For ourselves, I predict that within a year, we will have more Low Impact (50 caliber) customers than regular 68 caliber customers.