Thursday, November 19, 2009

NPL - Hit or Flop?

68 ( has been slowly releasing information on a new paintball league that Steve Davidson along with a few other "oldtimers" have been wroking on for a little while. The name National Pump League was released today. Details are still sketchy (gotta build the suspense somehow) as to exact format and who is involved, but so far it looks like it will be 10-man pump played in the woods. Real oldtime stuff. Might even be stick feed only, but like I said, details are sketchy. Sounds like there will be regional tourneys from what I have disseminated, with possible national finals?

I'm old enough to have played in those types of tournaments, but I wasn't actually playing paintball at all during those times, so I can only read about how things were. But being strictly a modified stock class player (yeah I use constant air) it's still of interest for me.

There has been a push of course in recent years off the small speedball fields and into the woods. My question is; Is this going too far? Is there really enough interest to make this a viable enterprise or just wishful thinking of a few oldtimers wishing to relive their youth?

I wish Steve and whoever else is involved much success with this and I will most likely even endorse taking part, just because I know that those who do take part will surely have fun. I know I don't have the time or energy to personally get involved with a team, but have no problem doing what I can to help promote any form of paintball that I know to be fun. I just thought I would post this to see what early reactions are. We'll get more reactions once all the details are released, but since this is being released in bits and pieces, early speculation is just going to happen. So what do people think?


  1. I think it's certainly a move in the right direction. I'm sure it won't become the dominant league and put the PSP and NPPL out of business. But it'll be a great avenue for those that do want to play more competitive paintball and aren't happy with the way the game is played currently.

    I believe the major benefit from this will be the alternative role models and the trickledown effect into recreational play. New players getting into the sport always try to emulate the pros. If there are competitive players setting a good example of sportsmanship and fun play, that can only do good things for the game as a whole.

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