Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jane Doe Plays Paintball

OK, I’m writing this as it may be relatively easy for most people to visualize.

Jane Doe decides to play paintball for the very first time (I use Jane rather than John, because for my example, it will probably be even more easy to visualize, but John may have the same experience). Jane goes to Bill Bob’s Paintball Emporium. She’s never played so she asks Billy Bob how much it’s going to cost and how it all works.

Billy Bob is very helpful and explains to her that her paintball outing is going to cost $50 and will include the use of the field, supplied referees, all the rental equipment she will need and all the paintballs she will need during her outing. Jane says that sounds great.

Billy Bob informs her that the only other decision she needs to make is whether or not she wants to play in the “casual experience” game or whether she wants to play in the “extreme experience” game. Jane asks for clarification. Billy Bob tells her that it is exactly the same thing, including the same price. The only difference is that in the “extreme experience” game, everyone is given three times as many paintballs. That means that not only will Jane be able to shoot three times as many paintballs, but Jane will most likely have three times as many paintballs shot at her.

Jane opts for the “casual experience” game. At the end of the day, when Billy Bob asks Jane if she had fun, Jane tells him that she had a lot of fun and will be back. She had so much fun, next time she is going to try the “extreme experience” version. Billy Bob is happy and Jane leaves with a big smile on her face.

Six months go by and Jane returns to Billy Bob’s Paintball Emporium. This time Jane chooses the “extreme experience” version. Jane finds if much harder to move around and difficult to even stick her head up to get all her paintballs shot. She never does get close enough to a flag to grab it. It was still fun, but not nearly as much as her first paintball outing.

At the end of the day when Billy Bob asks how Jane liked it, she tells him that she didn’t have as much fun as her first outing. Next time she will play the “casual experience” version again. She says it costs the same, but it’s more fun. Billy Bob says he understands and looks forward to seeing her next time.

Will Jane return to play paintball again? Hopefully. But at least Jane has a choice. She can pay the same amount and choose to play in the environment to her liking. How many paintball fields out there provide that choice to their customers? I don’t mean the choice of playing in an all rental game either. I mean playing in a game where she will shoot less paintball and have less paintballs shot at her? If fields are arming their customers with as many cheap paintballs as they feel like purchasing, how does that affect Jane’s paintball experience? Would Jane have come back a second time if she had chosen the “extreme experience” version the first time?


  1. Always go the extreme route. Would have a better time

  2. paintball sniper, that wasn't a complete sentence. I assume you meant to say that YOU will always have a better time in the extreme game...and that wouldn't surprise me. But YOU are not everyone. Field owners need to give players, especially new players, a choice between an extreme environment and one that is not as extreme. At our field, we may be accused of not providing a particularily extreme environment. I don't feel guilty about that though because I know there are places that players that want that environment can go. It's when players that don't want the extreme environment have no place to go, at ANY field in their area, that a problem is created. And there are many places in North America the last few years where that is the case. And then we wonder why our sport is not growing.

    Baca, thanks. It's not idle gibberish though. It's what's needed to get the industry back on track. Everyone needs to realize that, whether you're a hardcore pro baller or someone playing every three months at the local rec ball field. The roots of our success lies with the player that has fun playing the first few outings. From there they can grow and go in the direction of their choice. But we have to give them a chance to grow roots before we bend them over and pull them out of the ground. For some reason, many field owners have lost sight of that.

  3. Damnit Reiner, there you go, taking a point I've been trying to make (poorly) for a long time and making it easy to understand.

  4. I am very new to this entire industry, I am sorry & nervous to say, once you hear what I am about to do! I am about to start a website AROUND this entire industry. I know I know. What business do I have in doing so when there are so many others more educated, or at the very least, more experienced (than never)to do it instead? For one, the numbers look good. I won't bore you with the exact numbers and where to find them (trust me, with research, the right research, they look good)and why shouldn't it be a good business? It's almost always HOW THE BUSINESS IS CONDUCTED. I completely respect your statement Mr. Shafer because you know what, it shouldn't be about the buck. It should be about the people providing you with a living and enjoying an experience only the best fields can provide and why ARE they the best fields? The ones who love the SPORT/PEOPLE own those BEST FIELDS! No, I am not starting a field, wish I could afford to, I am starting an online based but it WILL NOT just be product,product,product! It will be a give, give, give minded business before it takes from anyone,and anyone who has a "good" business will recognize those subtle terms and not require clarification to understand that statement. Of course I do need to make a living off of it so we will be selling but only in conjunction with a site based on information and service too! And for reason #2, it is diverse and right along the lines of what this world needs to start focusing on again. Less TV, video games, SITTING, and more interaction with PEOPLE having FUN and getting exercise. And at something you can steadily get better at. I love camping and the outdoors as much as the next person but you can only "strive to get better" at camping so much and then you're just wierd. This is a reason to get exercise w/o focusing on that very point. You lose yourself in the sport and before you know it, you're sore. So they tell me! I would love to advertise for your field in my directory of fields Mr. Shafer and perhaps in trade, if it doesn't interfere with your own selling of products, you could include my new, little ol' site, somewhere in your business. I am in the most beautiful state in the country of USA, Colorado, and would love a little Canadian exposure (providing I met your standards...boy was that sucking up, or what?). All joking aside, I will be looking on this Blog often because I like it!! Take care and may good fortune always be yours.

  5. Thank u so much for your interest. As I said, I am getting it started and I don't want to just throw it up. I have alot of work to do on it to make it all it should be and will mention the name then. In the meantime, you should check out one of my other's really a bottom-floor eye opener into the future. It has nothing to do with paintball but it does relate to health and energy and quality of life. That's where my true passion is which is what started my interest in paintball. Non- electronic healthy living fun!! Check it out and send feedback : but be sure you do a "z" and not an s , common mistake. My email address is listed on the bottom of the main screen you will see. Check out the scientific section of the site for true understanding. Would love ur feedback! Thanks again for ur interest. Take Care!! Cara